Simple Tips for How to Write Successful Cover Letters

If you’ve decided to start a new career, then chances are you are going to need a cover letter.

Here are some simple tips and tricks for the best cover letters.


What is a cover letter?

A cover letter is a supplemental document that goes with your resume. Cover letters are a great place to introduce yourself as a candidate. This is an additional document to your resume and is a great place to highlight specific skills and accomplishments.

You’ll want to keep this document short. Don’t write more than three paragraphs on your cover letter. Recruiters and HR people have better things to do than read long cover letters. Make sure your cover letter is never longer than half a page. Ever.


Make contacting you easy.

I’m making this the first tip because I can’t tell you how many of my peers have made this mistake.

Just because you’ve included your contact information on your resume doesn’t mean you shouldn’t include it again in your cover letter.

Having your contact information on your cover letter is often overlooked. Sometimes your cover letter will be separated from your resume and making the person on the receiving end do more work to locate your info again could be the difference.

The best thing you can do is add a nice and neat header to your letter that includes all of your relevant contact information.

Bonus points if you can use the same header on your resume and your cover letter for a nice and consistent look.


  1. Devon says

    Believe it or not I never put my contact info in my cover letter. I thought my resume was good enough but this was some great info.