How to Hack Your Body to Wake up Earlier

Sometimes it can be hard to wake up early.

I’ve been practicing getting up earlier each day and have had some recent success with it and wanted to share what I am doing with you so that you can be waking up earlier as well.


I used to be a habitual offender of pressing the SNOOZE button.

The small changes I’ve made seem so tiny in the grand scheme of things but have had a major impact on my life.


1. Start with a Small Goal

Many people, including myself, failed when setting a new time to wake up. We think that waking up several hours earlier is a huge victory.

Sadly, that is not the case. It is not easy to maintain a sudden and dramatic change.

Celebrate small victories and set realistic and smaller goals. Once you have a victory to celebrate, you’ll find it easier to celebrate another.

stopwatch2. Start with 1 Minute Increments

Perhaps you are waking up each day at 9 am currently.

Let’s start dialing that to an earlier time in 1-minute increments. On the next day you would set your alarm for 8:59 am.

After waking up successfully on time for two days in a row, you’ll dial that down another minute.

We wake up two days in a row before dialing it earlier to give our body time to adjust and celebrate the victory of waking up earlier.

This will take a small amount of time to pull off, but you are more likely to be successful.


3. Track Progress

Track your progress with reaching your goal of waking up earlier.

Grab a calendar and every day that you reach your goal of waking up on time put a nice big red X on it.

Once you have a chain of these X marks going on your calendar, you’ll find it easier to keep going.

For the times where you do not make it up on time write down why you think that happened. You’ll have a log for later review.

4. Wake Up Rewards

If you enjoy coffee reward yourself each morning with it.

Set your coffee maker to have a cup of coffee brewed and ready to go at your scheduled time to wake up. You’ll not only be rewarding yourself immediately, but you’ll have another reason to get up, so the coffee is still warm and not ruined.