My 2016 Resolutions

I saw a list the other day on my friend Greg’s new site where he listed out his goals for 2016 and I thought what a great way to help myself be accountable. I’ll publish mine as well and then I can revisit it from time to time and make sure that I am actually working on my goals!

If you haven’t already go check out the site Greg is working on. He is covering with our friend Eve a bunch of materials that can help you with resolutions. Then, consider putting together your own list of 2016 goals and let them know about it.


10k Steps Every Day

I am going to start tracking my steps I take every day with my iPhone.

I carry my iPhone with me everywhere and Apple has built in a step counter in the Apple Health stuff. So, every single day I am going to look at my total steps taken and make it my goal to walk at least 10,000 steps.

I have no idea what my current daily average is but I know it isn’t as high as it should be. I work on my computer… on my ass all day.

So the time has come to make walking a larger part of my daily routine.


Learn something new

I can expand my knowledge every single day. I am going to learn something new every day.

I’ll try to read something on Wikipedia, from a book or something else that will help enrich my life.

This is just a simple goal but I should be rewarding myself every day for doing it.


Writing in a journal

I want to start a journal and write in it every day. I’m going to write a bit each day about what I accomplished and what happened in my life.

It’ll be nice to have put down some feelings, emotions, and goal progress in one place.

I’ll use Evernote for this but will also consider drawing in an actual journal and scanning that to Evernote at times.


Get at least six hours of sleep

I want to log my sleeping schedule and shoot for at least six hours per night.

This is an easy goal to track and an easy goal to go after. It’ll make me healthier.


What are your goals for 2016?

I’d love to hear them as well. Let’s be awesome together, and be accountable to each other.