How to Be Rich. Follow These Powerful Habits.

The richest people on the planet are all doing the same things. They’ve built some positive habits and I want to share those habits I have learned from them.


1. Track spending.

Knowing where your money is going is the most important thing you can be doing. Keep track of where you are spending your money. If you don’t keep track you’ll find yourself spending money you shouldn’t be.


2. Read daily.

Every successful person said that they read daily. Reading makes you a smarter and better person.

3. Don’t spend immediately.

This is a failure I see being made repeatedly. People will earn as much money as they can. They then spend the money as fast as they can. Instead of earning to spend try to delay your spending. The longer you can hold on to your money the better. Don’t just build up cash to spend it, build it up to save, invest and grow it.


4. Embrace the screwup.

We all screw up. No one is perfect. The most successful people recognize that failures are opportunities to learn.

Instead of beating yourself up about your failure try taking a moment to look at what went wrong. Learn from the experience and treat it as a learning opportunity.

5. Be productive at new times.

Finding an extra five minutes to work each day doesn’t seem like much. What if while waiting in the doctors office you did a few minutes of work in the lobby on your phone? What if while waiting the three minutes for your meal to be prepared you were working? These are small opportunities of time where you may not do anything. What if you could harness those times and be more productive? You can!


6. Trim the monthly expenses.

Monthly subscriptions can add up. You may have Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, and several others. Each of them might not seem like much. If you have ten things each taking 9 – 19 dollars per month that will add up. Drop the ones you can’t live without and you’ll see your money begin growing.

7. Have clear financial goals.

Set a goal. Having goals will give you something to work for. Determine your financial goals, write them down and start working on them.

8. Sleep.

Those who succeed the most may appear not to sleep. This just isn’t true. I’ve found that talking to the richest people they are consistently getting the best sleep and waking up early. Learn how to get better sleep and learn how to wake up earlier.


9. Pay yourself.

Saving is hard. It feels like you are sacrificing things to save money. That feeling is hard to shake.

Instead of thinking you are depriving yourself – think of it as paying yourself.

Each time you save, think that you are paying your future self. If you don’t save, you can’t accumulate wealth.

10. Keep trying.

It is easy to say you want to be successful but actually staying motivated and doing it can be much harder.

If you aren’t willing to put in the work and make things better, you’ll find yourself just hoping that things will get better.

You need to motivate yourself, stick with your habits and keep hustling.

11. Millionaires are in control.

You are in control of your life and your destiny.

Don’t just let life happen, make life happen.


12. Stay healthy.

Make staying healthy a priority. The more you take care of yourself the more time you’ll have to work on being rich.

If you are constantly fighting off sickness because of bad habits, you aren’t spending your time working on being rich.

Sleep more, eat better, be mindful. These tasks take less time to maintain than to fix. That is the time you can use to get rich.