How to Be Awesome by Listening to Podcasts.

I recently talked about how to listen to podcasts more effectively and promised I would share a list of podcasts that I enjoy.

Without further ado here is a list of podcasts to help you be more awesome.

Business Podcasts


Tim sits down with some of the most brilliant minds in business, entertainment and more. He asks intriguing questions of his guests and distills the information to teach you tactics and tools you can use to be extraordinary and awesome. I’ve listened to episodes with Jamie Foxx, Derek Sivers, Rainn Wilson and many more.

Bottom Line: Learn from the master of the four hour work week and his guests.


artThe Smart Passive Income Podcast

Pat Flynn sits down with entrepreneurs and they discuss business, entrepreneurship, and marketing. Pat creates actionable advice that you can use immediately with your online business, blog and other sources of passive income.

This is a podcast that often I’ll find myself taking notes or reading the show notes for.

Pat’s guests are not only great, but he asks insightful questions and works with guests to create actionable information for his listeners.

Bottom Line: Create passive income using actionable advice from Pat and guests.


art (1)StartUp Podcast

Gimlet Media has created a podcast about startups. The podcast starts the first season off as being extremely meta as you follow along with the building of a podcast network. The show allows you to listen in and take a sneak peek at what the process of starting a company is like.

You’ll hear disagreements, negotiations and a myriad of issues that startups often face but are not discussed.

Bottom Line: While not full of actionable advice this will provide insights to starting a company and entertainment.


art (2)The $100 MBA Show

Ten-minute lessons in business delivered daily.

Omar gives advice each day regarding a range of topics regarding business such as finding freelancers, how to onboard customers, how to deal with disagreements in your business, and much more.

If you just need a quick, daily dose of business advice, Omar distills a myriad of knowledge into brief, actionable and informative podcasts.

Bottom Line: Fast, simple, and effective business advice, daily.


These are the business podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis.

I don’t just listen to business material, though. I also listen to other podcasts that will enrich my life.

Having a wide base of knowledge will help you be more awesome.

Technology Podcasts

These are the technology podcasts you’ll find me listening to on a regular basis. They help me stay informed with what is happening in the world of technology.

art (1)Accidental Tech Podcast

One of the most interesting technology podcasts.

Featuring Marco Arment, Casey Liss, and John Siracusa.

The show is hosted by one of the creators of (the podcasting tool I love) and each week focuses on a range of technology issues.

Bottom Line: You’ll often find Apple products discussed and the show has a great sense of humor.


art (3)Hello Internet

This podcast often has me laughing.

CGP Grey and Brady Haran are often discussing a range of Internet interest topics.

Whether the duo is critiquing flags, motivating themselves to work out or discussing general technology items they are always a pleasure to hear.

Bottom Line: The playful, witty and funny banter between these two guys is some of the most entertaining podcasting you’ll find on the Internet.


General Knowledge

art (2)RadioLab

RadioLab says it is a show about curiosity.

A general knowledge style program this podcast blends interviews and information.

The unique storytelling aspect of the podcast along with the wide range of topics covered makes this a wonderful podcast.

Bottom Line: You’ll find a general knowledge show covering a unique variety of subjects in an entertaining and informative manner.

Science Podcasts

art (3)StarTalk Radio

Neil Degrasse Tyson is your personal astrophysicist and navigates a world of entertainment, comedy, and science.

With a broad range of guests such as Bill Clinton, Penn and Teller and even Bill Nye you’ll find the mix of topics to be entertaining and extremely informative.

Neil has a great personality and it truly shines on this podcast.

Bottom Line: Expand your mind with a mix of science, entertainment and more.


I’ll be sharing a page full of my favorite podcasts shortly. Keep your eyes peeled for that.