How to Be a Better Manager

You might be faced with managing and delegating tasks to others in your career or even on your own startup.

When you bring someone else in to help you execute your goals you’ll find that managing others can go much easier with a few small things.


Have small chats.

You can truly make someone feel valued by just giving up five minutes to talk with them.

Asking someone how they are doing, what they need to work, what motivates them, and how they get work done. It can be motivating to the other person and offers you insights as to what you could be doing better to help them.

Having someone that cares about them will make them feel better and they’ll do better work.

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Thank You.

The simple act of thanking someone is often overlooked.

Just paying the person working for you isn’t enough. You should take the few minutes necessary to thank each person on an individual level when you get a chance. Be sincere about it and give a specific thank you to each person. If you have a small team, you can personally thank each person one at a time in only a few days.

It’ll go a long way.

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If you aren’t delegating tasks, you aren’t doing your job as a manager. Start with one or two tasks and delegate them to a team member.

You’ll find that your workload will be reduced, your stress levels reduced and you’ll make those working for you feel good that you’ve trusted them with a task.

Make sure you properly delegate. Train, teach and help your team members with the task and don’t just dump things on them without instructions.


Share goals.

It isn’t abnormal for a company to share a quarterly goal with the entire team but this is something you can do on a smaller scale with your team.

Select a goal and make sure everyone is aware of it. Check in with the people working for you at times to see how the work they are doing on that particular day is helping accomplish that goal.

It’ll keep the goal in mind of everyone and make sure everyone has a focus on the primary objective.

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Say no.

Don’t take on everything. Learn to say no. Delegate.

Saying no to your team members will also force them to identify solutions to easier problems before bringing them to your attention.

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Leave on time.

When a manager stays late, the team members feel they can’t leave on time. It creates stress because they don’t want to be seen as weak.

I’ve found a simple solution is to either go home on time or leave for dinner and then return.

People will feel you’ve left on time and won’t feel pressured to stay and keep working.


  1. Christie says

    I recently was tasked with managing some people at work. I am going to try and use some of this information.