Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur – How to Publish a Book

APE_Cover_20130118These are my personal notes for the book Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur – How to Publish a Book. I often write down notes in my book. You’ll find me highlighting, writing and marking the pages of each book I read and taking notes. I try to save and learn from each book that I can and keep my notes later in Evernote for reference later.

These are the notes I took while reading this book. I’m sharing them with you in the hopes that you’ll find them helpful. These aren’t meant to be a substitute for reading the actual book. I suggest you support the author and purchase this book and use these notes to help you highlight and find relevant parts. The notes you take from the book will likely be different than mine but with my notes and your notes you’ll have an excellent collection of thoughts for this book.

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Many people are stumped trying to determine if they want to self-publish or go the more traditional route.

Guy has done both and likes self-publishing because you can decide your own fate. If you succeed, it is because of your work.

If you want to be successful in self-publishing, you’ll need to be the author, publisher, and entrepreneur.

Hence the title of the book. APE.

This is a book you will refer to often at each stage of your self-publishing journey.

You will read the book once on hyper-speed and then later return as you work through the self-publishing process.

When publishing a book, you’ll be doing many things on multiple fronts.

Much like a startup.

Why are you writing this book?

With so many choices why should anyone care about your book? Are you adding value to the lives of others? If you can say yes, write the book.

If you are thinking about writing a book purely to make money that isn’t a good reason. Learning a new skill is, though. You may also find writing therapeutic.


Starting the Book

Get a MacBook Air for writing and use Evernote, Dropbox, and YouSendIt.

I agree with this advice. I use a MacBook Pro for the bulk of my work but when it comes to writing you’ll find the MacBook Air is the perfect machine. It is light and with Evernote you can truly work on your book from anywhere and at any time.

The key behind an excellent book is editing. Not writing.

You’ll find that excellent editing will go a long way with a book. Making sure that everything flows appropriately will make readers happier and more inclined to share your book with others.

Writing happens in three stages. Starting, continuing and finishing. You’ll need determination for them all.

Writing can be hard. You will need to stay on the ball and work hard. Starting might be the hardest part but don’t let that fool you. You’ll need to persevere through the writing, editing and finishing of the manuscript.

Force yourself to make a little progress each day.

It can seem very daunting to embark on the path of writing a book. You may feel overwhelmed with the prospect.

If you work on the book each day though a little at a time you’ll look up when it is complete and realize you did it!

You won’t make tons of money self-publishing but the business is inexpensive to break into. You’ll also just have tons of upside.

You could be invited to speak at conferences, become recognized as an expert in your field or have other new opportunities as an author.


Copy editing is $35 per hour.

You can expect to pay about $1000 – $1,500 for a three hundred page manuscript. This is the best place to spend money.

Protect your work.

Protect yourself with work-for-hire agreements. Learn copyright law to protect yourself and avoid infringing on others.

Revise often.

Since you are self-publishing you can revise and edit future editions of your book. Use this to your advantage and publish revisions often.


My old boss at Apple, Jean-Louis Gassée, once told me, “Do you know what the difference is between PR and advertising? Advertising is when you say how great you are. PR is when other people say how great you are. PR is better.” Jean-Louis was right: when other people talk about your book it’s better and cheaper, so take this information and start pitching.

When looking for blurbs for marketing your book keep them short and sweet.

Don’t use more than six and make sure they answer the question “Why should I buy this book?”

Amazon can’t be ignored.

They have the entire publishing world covered from A to Z. (Amazon to Zappos). Use the book to learn about the tools available to you.

Social Media

Social media is fast, free and ubiquitous. Use it to your advantage for marketing.