How to Get More Twitter Shares With CoPromote

I’ve seen a great deal of services that promise to help you promote your stuff on Twitter.

Most of them are filled with spam posts, low-quality shares and people who are gaming the system with multiple accounts to promote garbage.

CoPromote isn’t these things, though.

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CoPromote was built around the idea that high-quality makers, creators, founders and those who share interesting topics would have a place to find other interesting material to share.

With CoPromote, you’ll be presented with a plethora of subjects in which you can select the ones that most interest you. Once you’ve selected those topics, you’ll be able to share posts from other CoPromote members that will expand your own personal reach.

As you expand your reach, you can use it to have other members retweet and share your own posts.

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Sharing your posts on CoPromote is a very simple process. You’ll just select a post to boost. They’ll start showing it to other members who might be interested in sharing your post.

The service has a paid tier but also has an excellent free tier. You can promote one social media post at a time with the free tier which is a great place to start.

If you join CoPromote using this link, it’ll make you follow me and I’ll follow you back. I find a lot of great content to share with my followers on Twitter from CoPromote. If we are following each other on CoPromote, it means the chances of me seeing your content and resharing it are even greater. (2)The real power of CoPromote comes from the ability to use a mobile application that allows you to swipe left and right much like you would on Tinder to share content quickly.

Once you’ve signed in to your CoPromote account, you have the ability to sort items by people you are following on CoPromote or suggestions for the topics that you are following on CoPromote.

Once you’ve got your filter set you can then begin swiping on content that you feel interests you and might interest your followers and it will instantly share that content to your Twitter feed. You can also swipe items to the left and move on to the next item without sharing it.

I check the links on every item that I share with my followers to be sure it is something they would be interested in and you can click on those links and have them open in a built-in browser of the application. Once you’ve checked them, you can return and make your decision on whether or not that is something you’ll be sharing with your audience.

Check out CoPromote today and find interesting content to share and get more shares for your own content!