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Specification for Structural Steel Buildings (ANSI/AISC ) – March 9, Specification for Structural Steel Buildings (ANSI/AISC ). Note: Although the ANSI/AISC version of the code officially replaces the ANSI/AISC code, this latter remains available in the. You want to design steel members according American code ANSI-AISC Is it available in Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis?.

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This version does not design prismatic sections. A user note has been added stating that the imperfections considered are the locations of points of intersection of members caused by the out-of-plumbness of columns.


Case 2 has been expanded to include tension members that transmit tensile load with longitudinal welds in combination with transverse welds. Noncompact and slender members are now allowed by the provisions without justification by testing or analysis. Localized Fire No changes have been made to this section. Bolted Construction Water jet cut holes are now permitted. This section has been reorganized to improve clarity. A new user note explains that the degradation in steel at these aissc need not be considered in calculating member strengths.

A and reduced axial stiffness Eq. Filled Composite Members The provisions for steel anchor detailing for filled composite members have been moved from Section I2. For open cross sections the minimum shear lag factor, U, has been changed from equal to or greater than 0.

Direct Modeling of Imperfections new Section The provisions in this section allow for the effects of initial imperfections to be accounted for directly by analysis. A user note is added to aiisc section stating the information that is to be shown on the design drawings.


Effective Width No changes have been made to this section.

Compression Flange Yielding The definition of Myc has been added to this section. Design Basis No changes have been made to this section. Lateral-Torsional Buckling Several parts within this section have been relocated to improve organization.

ANSI/AISC Code check

External Force Applied Concurrently to Steel and Concrete This new section gives the provision for an encased or filled composite member with force applied concurrently to the concrete and steel sections. Encased Composite Members I2. iasc

When a rolled heavy shape is welded to the surface of another shape using groove welds the Charpy V-notch requirement only applies to the shape with the weld metal fused through the cross section. In the Specification, moment frames had the same aissc limit, but braced frames could be designed up to 0. Strength of Elements in Tension A user note has aisd added to this section stating that the effective net area of the connection plate may be limited due to stress distribution as calculated by methods such as the Whitmore Section.

Steel Design is not considering the input design parameters. Block Shear Strength No changes have been made to this section. The Pe2 equation for moment frames which uses K2, has been removed. The ratios and limits for filled composite members are located in Tables I1. What do the following parameters mean?

Including Deflection Check as Criteria. Strength During Construction No changes have been made to this section.

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Design rules for T- Y- and cross-connections under branch axial load or bending are now included in the Specification. Structural Design Requirements 4. Similar to Section N5. Limit States Several additions have been made to this section for completeness of structural integrity requirements for connections.

The equations for the reduced flexural stiffness Eq. The variable used for the clear distance, in the direction of the force, between the edge of the hole and the edge of the adjacent hole or edge of the material, Lc, has been changed to lc.

Thermal Elongation No changes have been made to this section. Unidentified Steel This section is expanded to aosc a statement that the use of unidentified steel shall be subject to the approval of the engineer of record. Flexural Strength New equations have been provided for the calculation of the nominal flexural strength for compact, noncompact and slender filled composite members. This chapter replaces Section M5 of the Specification. Bearing Strength at Bolt Holes A user note has 3600-05 added to this section: The provision that higher strength materials are permitted when justified by testing or analysis has been removed.

The LRFD resistance factor and ASD safety factor if steel anchors are provided using the plastic stress distribution on the composite section or strain compatibility methods have been changed as follows: The exception to the above requirement has been changed as follows: