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Download Citation on ResearchGate | Alcibíades según Platón | El objetivo de estas páginas es intentar deducir la personalidad de Alcibíades. Auto-conocimiento en el Alcibíades I, la Apología de Sócrates y el Teeteto: los límites Además argumentamos que, para Platón, este conocimiento no se logra. ALCIBIADES [PLATON] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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He was alcibiqdes cousin of Plato’s mother’s ; cf. There is thus no need to amend the text with Dodds, Gorgias, ad loc. Socrates never criticizes Alcibiades, and Alcibiades, in turn, never threatens Socrates.

Alcibiades and Critias in the Gorgias : Plato’s “fine satire” – Persée

It was not until that the German scholar Friedrich Schleiermacher argued against the ascription to Plato. In the preface Alcibiades is described as an ambitious young man who is eager to enter public life.

Heinimann, Nomos und Physis Basel, ; W. Vickers, Pericles on Stage: Hackett,v, — And just as the “dramatic date” of the Gorgias could be any time between andthe alcibiadea allusions to Alcibiades cover the period from his acibiades, through the mid-twenties when he began his political career, to his death in Plutarch states that “when still immature Alcibiades plunged into political life, and at once surpassed most of the statesmen wlcibiades his age” Ale.

The point of similarity is that in both cases Athens put pious concerns above military ones. By this time, Critias was so committed to his role of de facto Spartan governor that he must have been amongst those members of the Thirty who were most wary about what Alcibiades might be prepared to do ; for there were “vague hopes” that Alcibiades might yet save his city. Introduction 1 Isocrates credits Polycrates with connecting Alcibiades and Socrates in his Accusation of Indeed, neither speaks to or about the other at all.

There are many more points which could be made to support the view that into the person of Callicles Plato built all the characteristics of Alcibiades which were at variance with Socrates’ teaching.


Critias took no notice, and so Socrates said “in the presence of many others ‘Critias seems to me to have the feelings of a pig, wanting to rub against Euthydemus as a pig rubs against stones’.

In the first place, there is so much talk about tyranny. Libanius too, probably had Alcibiades in mind, and was expressing Socrates’ fears about what he might do once he turned to politics.

For the timetable, see N. Perhaps Polus is the missing echo.

He had been appointed one of the five ephors of the puppet government when Athens was in the hands of the Spartans after their victory inand was subsequently one of the Thirty who inflicted the cruellest punishments even on members of their own faction. According to Xenophon there was a formal break when Socrates rebuked him for his incontinent behaviour over a boy, and relations were certainly bad when the tyrant Critias legislated that ‘”none should teach the art of disputation’ out of spite towards Socrates.

For Polus, tyranny means “the power of doing whatever seems good to you in a state, killing, banishing, doing all the things you like” c. Alcibiades won an Olympic victory in Barefoot in Athens film Socrates film. Bia “force” is not the only word which Plato seems to use to play on Alcibiades’ name.

Alcibíades (personaje de ficción)

Finally, for Socrates to call Callicles, Polus platonn Georgias “the wisest of the Greeks” a-b is surely ironic, and intended to recall the story recounted by Plato in the Apology that the Delphic oracle had stated that no one was wiser than Socrates, though no commentator seems to have made the connection. Dialogues d’histoire anciennevol. One of the grounds for supposing that this passage could not refer to Arginusae put forward by those who looked for a specific historical date zlcibiades the Gorgias was that the trial of the Arginusae generals was no laughing matter Taylor [n.


The subsequent three chapters apparently continue the theme, though indirectly, by showing how Socrates benefited his friends. Socrates was the first of his admirers but he has not spoken to him for many years. This page was last edited on 22 Novemberat While it is beyond the scope of the present paper to show that Socrates did not believe in gods who reward the just and punish the wicked in this world, let it suffice to suggest that he did not.

Alcibiades and Critias in the Gorgias: It seems very likely that Alcibiades was the proposer of a decree granting proxenia and euergesia to Archelaus. By the end of Alcibiades Ithe youth is much persuaded by Socrates’ reasoning, and accepts him as his mentor. See Thomas a, esp. There was his attack “as a joke”, as he put it, on his future father-in-law Hipponicus,62 as well as assaults on a rival choregus,63 a schoolmaster,64 alcibaides a servant.


He lacibiades discussed military strategy Mem. That alxibiades was probably the intention of Plato’s quotation of Pindar is confirmed by the recent discovery of a papyrus version of the complete ode. He initially saw in Socrates the path to achieve political greatness, and the Platonic Alcibiades explains that this hope was unfounded: While the clearest example is in rhetoric Mem. Far from honouring “Critias’ memory in the Dialogues,” in the Gorgias at least Plato distances himself from the excesses of Critias1 tyrannical regime.

From b to d there are more than a dozen places where tyranny is discussed at some length. Neither accusation could possibly apply to Socrates, while both expressions well encapsulate a popular view of Alcibiades.