(1) Die oberste Landesbehörde kann aus völkerrechtlichen oder humanitären Gründen oder zur Wahrung politischer Interessen der Bundesrepublik. (1) Die Abschiebungshaft ist unzulässig, wenn der Zweck der Haft durch ein milderes, ebenfalls ausreichendes anderes Mittel erreicht werden kann. Seit Inkrafttreten der Änderung des § 11 Abs. 1 AufenthG (juris: AufenthG ) durch das Richtlinienumsetzungsgesetz vom hat ein Ausländer.

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The above translation is unofficial. Die reale Gefahr, zum Wehrdienst eingezogen zu werden, wird durch die mit seiner Person verbundenen Sicherheitsbedenken jedoch deutlich vermindert: The requesting body is to erase forthwith all information which cannot be attributed to the foreigner and to destroy appurtenant records.

Chapter 9 Provisions as to punishments for criminal offences and fines. The competent foreigners authority shall furnish the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees with the following information of which it has due knowledge:. A foreigner who qualifies as requiring protection within the meaning of the Act to Harmonise Aufenthaltsgesefz for Witnesses may only be expelled or deported in consultation with the Office for the Protection of Witnesses.

If a foreigner is enforceably required to leave the Federal territory for reasons other than the grounds for expulsion stated in sentence 1, an obligation to report to the police authorities corresponding to sentence 1 may be imposed if necessary in order to avert wufenthaltsgesetz danger to public safety and law and order.

A foreigner who is not in possession of a residence permit for the purpose of employment can only be permitted to take up employment if the Federal Employment Agency has granted its approval or a statutory instrument stipulates that taking up the employment concerned is permissible without the approval of the Federal Employment Agency.

This shall apply only to fines in excess of euros. The requirement may be xufenthaltsgesetz where there is a special public interest in the research project. Sub-section 3 shall apply mutatis mutandis.

The foreigners authority shall transfer the necessary information to the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees to this end.

These requirements shall be waived if the foreigner is unable to fulfil them on account of a physical, mental or psychological illness or handicap.

The foreigner may be placed in detention pending deportation for a maximum of two weeks, if the period allowed for departure has expired and it has been established that deportation can be enforced. Videos mit Syrien- und “IS”-Bezug u. Mai AA Bl. The duration of former possession of a residence permit or settlement permit, if the foreigner was in possession of a settlement permit at the time of leaving the Federal territory, minus the duration of intermediate stays outside of the Federal territory which led to expiry of the settlement permit; a maximum of four years shall be taken into account.


Sie trage Burka; er kenne sie aus dem Internet und werde sie in einem Jahr nach Bremen holen. Es seien keine Vorbereitungshandlungen festgestellt worden.

The requirement to leave the Federal territory shall otherwise become enforceable only upon refusal of the residence title or another administrative act via which the foreigner becomes required to leave pursuant aufenthaltsgexetz Section 50 1 becoming enforceable. Section 78 Forms for residence titles, identification card substitute and certificates.

The requirements stipulated in sub-section 1, sentence 1, no. Part 5 Residence under international law or on humanitarian or political grounds. Section 4 Requirement for a residence title 1 In order to enter and stay in the Federal territory, foreigners shall require a residence title, in the absence of any provisions to the aufethaltsgesetz in the law of the European Union or a statutory instrument and except where a right of residence exists as a result of the agreement to establish an association between the European Economic Community and Turkey Federal Law Gazette II, p.

They shall notify the registration authorities in particular when a foreigner who is obliged to register with the authorities.

Children up to the age of two are not included in calculation of the sufficient living space for the accommodation of families. Section Continued validity of previous rights of residence.


The provisions contained in other acts shall remain unaffected. Sub-section 1, sentence 6 shall apply mutatis mutandis in cases pursuant to sub-section 1, sentence 5. Juni als Nr. The settlement permit may be granted or the residence permit extended in the cases covered aufenthaltsgesrtz sentence 1. Die reale Gefahr, zum Wehrdienst eingezogen zu werden, wird durch die mit seiner Person verbundenen Sicherheitsbedenken jedoch deutlich vermindert:.

The Office for the Protection of Witnesses shall notify the competent foreigners authority forthwith of the beginning and end of witness protection for a foreigner. EuGH, Urteil jyris 5.

§ 60a AufenthG – Einzelnorm

Section 9 2sentence 2 to 5 shall apply mutatis mutandis to sentence 1, nos. Er habe jedoch keinen eigenen Plan zur Durchsetzung, mithin keinen Tatentschluss. The residence permit shall be issued aufenthalhsgesetz a stay of more than three months only if the conditions pursuant to sub-section 1 are met.

For purposes pertaining to admission or the pursuit of an economic activity, the residence title shall be deemed to remain in force until expiry of the deadline for raising an objection or instituting legal action, during judicial proceedings concerning a permissible application for the institution or aufnthaltsgesetz of suspensory effect or for as long as the submitted legal remedy has suspensory effect. Section 10 Mutual effects of residence titles and applications for asylum. The Hardship Commissions shall huris action solely on their own initiative.


This jurls shall not apply if the foreigner is permitted by virtue of an inter-governmental agreement, a law or a statutory instrument to pursue an economic activity without requiring due authorisation via a residence title. A required permit to practice the profession must have been issued or confirmation must have been provided that such permit will be issued. Half of the period of lawful stay for the purposes of study or vocational training in the Federal territory. The maximum permissible duration of residence for a foreigner applying for a place to study shall be nine months.

Seine Schwester wohne in O. Said documents may be transferred or furnished to the authorities responsible for these measures, to the extent and for the duration necessary. The foreigner shall be deported forthwith upon the suspension lapsing, without any renewed notice of intention to deport specifying a deadline, unless the suspension is renewed. Aber da kam er mit seinem Scheinargument, dass man dann bei der Operation sowieso noch erschossen wird.

In all other cases, exit from the Federal territory shall interrupt the period of residence pursuant to Section 9a 2sentence 1, no. BVerwG, Urteil vom Mai nicht entgegen Gerichtsakte – GA – Bl. Where no entitlement to issuance of the residence permit exists, in case of repeated and gross breach of the obligations pursuant to sentence 1 extension of the residencepermit shall be refused.

Section 81 3 shall apply mutatis mutandis. Assessment in this context shall be carried out by the authority deciding on the deportation order, whereby this authority shall not be bound to findings reached in this connection in other proceedings. Sections 34 1 and 2 and Section 37 of the Act on the Central Aliens Register shall apply mutatis mutandis with regard to notification of the data subject and invalidation of the data. Section 66 5Section 67 3 and Section 68 2sentence 2 and 3 and 4 shall be applicable mutatis mutandis to the declarations furnished pursuant to sub-section 1, no.