Introducing GuestPress

One of the things that separates good bloggers from great bloggers is guest posts. Posting on other blogs that aren't your own is an excellent way to grow your audience. Sarah over at talks about growing your blog audience and the massive importance of a guest blog post. One thing that has been a struggle though for many people is finding the right place … [Read more...]

Get My Book for Free

Productivity Powerhouse

I'm going to get meta for a moment. I just completed my book, Productivity Powerhouse: Double Your Productivity Now and wanted to give my readers a free copy. This new book contains my system for doubling my productivity as well as plenty of templates to help you do the same. If you sign up for my free email updates I'll send you over a copy of my book right now. 100% … [Read more...]

How to Get More Twitter Shares With CoPromote

I've seen a great deal of services that promise to help you promote your stuff on Twitter. Most of them are filled with spam posts, low-quality shares and people who are gaming the system with multiple accounts to promote garbage. CoPromote isn't these things, though. CoPromote was built around the idea that high-quality makers, creators, founders and those who … [Read more...]

How to Get Your Inbox Under Control Immediately

It happens to the best of us; we try to stay on top of our emails, but they pile up. Before you know it, you’ve got thousands of unread emails hogging space in your inbox. It can be overwhelming and who has time to sort through every single message? If you find yourself buried under a mountain of bold subject lines, all demanding attention, there’s good news! By following a few … [Read more...]

How to Use Excellent Notes for Ultimate Success

Taking notes is one of the ultimate tools for success. Notes help you remember things, they are great for review at later times and with digital note-taking platforms such as Evernote can even be searched. Taking notes is an active form of learning and storing of knowledge. The very act of taking a note increases your likelihood to learn the material better and store the … [Read more...]