Learn more about the Central American woolly opossum – with amazing Central American woolly opossum photos and facts on Arkive. Caluromys derbianus. Central American Woolly Opossum Uwe Speck Panama. Photo by Uwe Speck. The Central American Woolly Opossum is a medium-sized . Central American Woolly Opossum – Caluromys derbianus The Central American Woolly Opossum is without a doubt one of the cutest opossums in Drake Bay.

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Carrion The flesh of a dead animal. Bucher and Hoffman, ; Fernandes, et al.

Derby’s woolly opossum

Anteriormost point of foramem magnum, at the basioccipital; 3 and Posterolateral base of M4; 10 and Coat color varies geographically. Earlier, it used to be targeted for its fur. Hollister N Four new mammals from tropical America.

Lemos B, Cerqueira R Morphological differentiation in the white-eared opossum group Didelphidae: Terms of Use – The displayed portlet may be used as a link from your website to Arkive’s online content for private, scientific, conservation or educational purposes only.

Females have fully developed pouches only when carrying young. The prominent, forward-directed eyes provide the opossum with binocular vision 2which enables excellent hand-eye coordination and depth perception — important in navigating through the treetops 4.

The opossum is nocturnal active mainly at nightarboreal tree-living and solitary. New York, Columbia University Press. Tip of postglenoid process; Classification Kingdom Animalia animals Animalia: Derby’s woolly opossum Conservation status.


Jumping ability in the arboreal locomotion of didelphid marsupials. Consequently, only shape information was retained Adams et al.

Didelphidae in Brazilian cerrado. Central American woolly opossums were once hunted by humans for their fur, but there is no longer a demand for the trade. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Email alerts New issue alert.

Woolly Opossum (Caluromys derbianus) – The Night Tour – Drake Bay, Costa Rica

caaluromys Karimi’s fat-tailed mouse opossum Thylamys karimii. Glossary Arboreal An animal which lives or spends a large amount of time in trees. Didelphids generally show neither courtship displays nor pair bonds. Likewise, when consuming fruit, they are efficient seed dispersers — the seeds are eaten and pass through their gut unharmed, being displaced and fertilized in another location. Llillapichia river, near “Panguana” Biol.

Their entire head is pale gray, with a dark brown stripe down the center of their face, merging with the brown rings around their eyes. Anterior base of M1 and posterior base of P3, at the junction with maxilla; 6: The ADW Team gratefully acknowledges their support.

Help us improve the site by taking our survey. Likewise, the lack of geographic variation among the Amazon and Cerrado populations of Caluromys lanatus suggest that three of the four subspecies recognized by Cabrera – C. We detected geographic variation in the size of the mandible in two populations Nicaragua and Northern Panamabut no geographic variation in shape.


Canopy Family Panama

Tip of the orbital process of the frontal; 14 and The time when breeding takes place varies geographically. These animals can run rather quickly and balance easily on vines and telephone wires. Males have been observed pursuing the female before copulation occurs.

These animals construct nests made of leaves in vine tangles, tree holes and occasionally on the ground; they may derbainus their prehensile tails to help carry nest materials. Anderson’s four-eyed opossum P. Caluromys lanatus has a conserved skull shape throughout its geographic range.

Central American woolly opossums help pollinate flowers due to their feeding habits.

Specimens examined, by country and locality. Numbers in the map refer to the same points in the two graphs. The specimens were divided into seven populations: For this reason, it cannot ruled out that these subspecies were based on individual variation. When disturbed, it might attack defensively by biting; it can produce squeals when distressed. They are reputed to attack and bite when cornered! Fortunately for everyone involved, there was an all around peaceful outcome to the tense stand-off.

Caluromys derbianus Central American woolly opossum Facebook. Posterolateral base of C; 12 and