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Productivity Powerhouse

I'm going to get meta for a moment. I just completed my book, Productivity Powerhouse: Double Your Productivity Now and wanted to give my readers a free copy. This new book contains my system for doubling my productivity as well as plenty of templates to help you do the same. If you sign up for my free email updates I'll send you over a copy of my book right now. 100% … [Read more...]

How to Get Motivated While in a Rut

We've all had those moments where getting motivated seems like the biggest challenge ever. Sometimes, these moments strike and just seem to keep going. Sometimes we can get ourselves worked into a rut and find it incredibly difficult to get out of the funk. It is easier just to binge watch some more television on Netflix. If you are ready to get out of that rut and get … [Read more...]

How to Hack Your Body to Wake up Earlier

Sometimes it can be hard to wake up early. I've been practicing getting up earlier each day and have had some recent success with it and wanted to share what I am doing with you so that you can be waking up earlier as well. I used to be a habitual offender of pressing the SNOOZE button. The small changes I've made seem so tiny in the grand scheme of things but have … [Read more...]

How to Easily Get Proven Amazingly Remarkable Sleep Now

Waking up in the morning and feeling groggy is absolutely the worst. When you wake up feeling like your sleep quality wasn't very high you spend the rest of the day just trying to feel better. People who sleep better are more productive. The infographic below from mybedframes contains 16 things you can begin doing immediately to sleep better through the night and feel … [Read more...]

Get Organized With Evernote

Finding a way to stay organized can be hard. I've probably read more things on the Internet about how to get organized than the average person and I always walk away from them thinking, "Oh hey, I am going to do that." For a period of time, I do exactly that.... and then I stop. See, finding something that works for me to stay organized has been difficult. Really … [Read more...]