Cold Steel – John Styers – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. BOWIES COLDSTEEL. by John Styers America’s deadliest knife-fighting tradition adds a new weapon to the arsenal of the Marine Corps. 1. 2. 3. 4. Every man. COLD STEEL by JOHN STYERS Text prepared by Karl Schuon Photographs by Louis Lowery Foreword A sudden realization of the thorough preparation for.

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Etyers ask me what Styers was thinking at this point by not executing another hand cut or a thrust Move in a few inches. Use of the head in this manner is termed the “Danish Kiss” when used to batter in the face of an enemy. Zimmer rated it liked it Apr 07, Knife fighting is an ugly business; we hope and pray that you’ll never meet stysrs opponent armed with a blade, the look of a madman in his eyes, hatred in his heart, and the momentary lust for YOUR life.

Full text of “Cold Steel John Styers”

This outlawed boxing blow is delivered like a right hook to the opponent’s jaw, but the piiint of the elbow, rather than the fist, contacts the target.

Move back a few inches. The blade is snapped directly to the target. He’ll stop in his tracks and think things over. Hohn it’s a lot easier to draw than size 13 boondockers – you know that your enemy has it You’re far behind the lines, maybe you’re a communications man operating your switchboard.

You have finished your job; you have broken his neck. Mariusz Szczypka marked it as to-read Oct 16, This angle shot at the throat can damage the vessels which clld the blood to the strel head and shock the enemy into immediate unconsciousness by paralyzing the numerous major nerves located in that area. Your outfit is in the area but out of sight.


Your stick performs a piston-like motion as it is whipped up along the forearm and thrust into exposed target The Attack ANY ONE of the blows described here will be decisive if planted properly in a vital target area.

EVERY full pivot will expose your enemy to a hit from your elbows, fists and the jogn of your fists.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Take the knife work out of the box its presented in, put it with what you do, take what works, and leave the rest behind.

Cold Steel

Throw point to opponent’s extended hand in attempt to make a hand bt. The upper portion of the body has pivoted forming a straight line from your blade point back along your arm, across the shoulders and down the free arm in the rear. In this position there will be no lead with your shoulder and knife betraying cols nature of your attack. The moment your opponent’s blade comes within your range, close the gap and at the same time, with the full weight of your body, beat his blade with a severe rap, and immediately thrust home.

Your rear leg swings around in an arc and lands on the opposite side. Clld has obtained exclusive reprint rights to this classic originally published by Leatherneck magazinewhich was the Marine bible of unarmed combat.

Force his midsection forward Whip right arm under left palm, snap right palm under base of enemy’s skull. Styeers bucketful of his wild zest will drain from him when he sees you plant yourself in the guard position and DEFY him.

Hock Hochheim’s Combat Talk Forum

Draw your opponent into an attack but keep your body in a well-balanced position and out of opponent’s striking distance 5. The wheel back up to the opponent’s jaw is accomplished by a vigorous body pivot, adding power and velocity to the blow At completion of a left elbow back-smash, your right fist is in position to deliver a solid hook into the groin or solar plexis If this attack lands successfully and your enemy goes down – and he is still moving – prepare to finish him off by planting well placed toe kicks or heel stomps into the following targets: Paladin Pr, hardback book and dust jacket in near fine condition.


They are used as such by the Danes. The Neck One of your opponent’s primary targets is the neck.

Whip the stick between the legs of offender and turn it across his thighs. This also will end the fight. Keep full thrust’s distance from opponent’s nearest extremity. The Palace had closed; vaudeville had died. Victor rated it really liked it May 19, There is NO bone in styegs whole area to prevent stters blow’s full effect. If you are on the ground and the enemy advances, hook one foot behind his ankle and smash his shin with your other foot Groin Attack your opponent in this area with everything you have; but remember that this is the ONE AREA a man joyn not have to be TAUGHT to protect.

Dtsemt added it Aug 09, If you were fortunate enough to hit so hard from the front, or the back, that you damaged the only bone in the neck, fine. It takes little effort to thrust through.