Star Wars: Coruscant Nights II – Street of Shadows by Reaves, Michael [28 August ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Editorial Reviews. Review. “FULL OF LIGHTSABER BATTLES, THE JEDI PHILOSOPHY, AND. With the Jedi all but wiped out in the grim aftermath of Order 66, the Empire’s power seems unchecked. But one lone Knight continues to fight the good.

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Maybe she’ll be more than two dimensional in the next book, but my hopes are not high, to be frank. Into the Void Crucible Maul: Onslaught Dark Tide II: Finding Volette’s killer won’t be easy — too many secrets, too many suspects, and all kinds of motives.

Star Wars: Coruscant Nights II – Street of Shadows

It’s just a lot of repetition in the end. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.

The action just keeps getting bigger with each book. Reaves introduces Dejah, the partner to the murdered artist, as a third point in a love triangle that didn’t even exist in the first book. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jul 23, Crystal Starr Light rated it really liked it Shelves: Deep in the bowels of CoruscantJedi Jax Pavan seekes out a living as a private investigator ; a go-to, can-do guy for the downtrodden.

It is a dark time in the galaxy, as planets are forced to become enslaved by the Emperor’s iron-fisted rule or face death and destruction. The book is still stricken by the barrier of mediocrity few Star Wars authors can overcome, but it is certainly good for what it is. There is even the usual array of suspicious acquaintances and friends of Volette.

Street of Shadows (novel) – Wikipedia

The detective aspect I was waiting for in the first book finally appears in Street of Shadows, but it’s a lot weaker than I’d hoped. I liked this book better than the first Coruscant Nights book, but it was still nothing to write home about. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Want to Read saving….


Star Wars: Coruscant Nights II – Street of Shadows : Michael Reaves :

Now I’ve given both books in this series three stars, which means they’re not completely unreadable. The book plays out much like a mystery — with a twist. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.

I love how Reaves didn’t overwrite her feelings, how he kept it subtle and delicate. I did enjoy the mystery pretty well, and the real draw of this series is the main characters who the author has followed through several books.

I’ll eventually read the third book in the series if I run across it, but I’m not going out of my way to do so With Jax at a loss what to do with the Force-given information coruscan Anakin’s miraculous survival, I’m sure he and Typho will come to a mutually-driven partnership very soon.

Of course, we already know this, but cut to the next scene in which we find Aurra Sing slaving away in the prison mines of Oovo-4 collecting Zenium until her lungs explode only to become the victim of attempted murder.

Niguts Stackpole said that from approved outline to final manuscript he is usually given three months. Coruscant Nights 2 by Michael Reaves. Dark Disciple Christie Golden.

Street of Shadows

That said, this novel was better than average at finding the look and feel of the Star Wars Universe. Now the future of the Republic streey on Darsha and Lorn. The pacing I felt was rather plodding. Coruscant Nights — Legends. Just as I expected It was shafows to see Aurra Sing again. May 03, Megan rated it liked it Shelves: Read more Read nightd. Actual rating is 3. For me, that’s the fun of mysteries: As I said in my review lf “Jedi Twilight” I am just thrilled to see a whole new cast of characters in the Star Wars universe and I really am glad to see their further development in njghts book.


She really gets fleshed out, from being stoic action girl, to a woman who is beginning to develop feelings for Jax It mostly succeeds at what it is trying to do, which is to introduce new steet to a genre that has become stagnant with overuse of characters how many times can Han, Luke and Leia save the galaxy before they become fed up with it and just let it die.

That she hasn’t gone soft and thus remains pure baddie evil, gives Vader all the info he needs and hires her on the spot. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. And while the novel is mostly well written, its also filled with what seems like a lot more redundant philosophizing than “Jedi Twilight” and a frustrating series of too-similar depictions of various parts of the Coruscant underworld.

The side-plot of Captain Typho, former Captain of Padme Amidala’s guards, is touching and sheds some light on Darth Vader’s personality and some depth to the character Typho.

The main plot just couldn’t hold my attention and, perhaps it was just me, but there’s no way I would have linked the murderer to the crime before it was revealed. At this point, Captain Typho has landed on planet in search of Anakin or anyone hint hint that can lead him to the Jedi. Actually having a series of books just based on Coruscant is nice to.

As for Laranth, wow, she was such a silent character. Shadow Hunter ” Darth Maul: Jax Pavan is shadowd Jedi, though not a very good one, surviving in the underbelly of Coruscant after the Great Purge the destruction of the Jedi. And he does an okay job with it more later.