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Description. Cremophor A 6 is a whitish waxy substance. Cremophor A 25 is supplied in the form of free-flowing, non-dusting microbeads. Identity. Cremophor A. August Supersedes issue dated May MEMC e/Page 1 of 8. Cremophor® A Grades. ® = Registered trademark of BASF Aktiengesellschaft. INCI: Ceteareth-6 (and) Stearyl AlcoholThe Cremophor A grades are Combinations of Cremophor A6 and Cremophor A25 can emulsify oils with a.

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Propofol:The Challenges of Formulation | Anesthesiology | ASA Publications

However, freeze—thawing and extensive shaking caused crenophor enlargement. To add an email address to your ASA account please contact us: This site uses cookies. The presence of albumin alone is known to aid in stabilization of the emulsions by steric or mechanical effects as well as by electrostatic repulsions due to negatively charged albumin. Physicochemical stability assessments of lipid emulsions of varying oil composition.

Thank you for reading. Coadministration of propofol in this lipid-free vehicle with a lipid emulsion containing no crsmophor provided evidence that propofol needed to be incorporated into the emulsion soybean oil droplets for the better pharmacodynamic profile. Clinical and biochemical effects of propofol EDTA vs sevoflurane in healthy infants and young children. The finding that lung concentrations of propofol were significantly higher after the administration of the propofol in the lipid-free formulation compared with the emulsion formulation led the authors to hypothesize that the emulsion formulation protected propofol from a high first-pass sequestration by the lung, possibly by maintaining more propofol in the central vascular space.


Structure of a Pluronic micelle composed of A-B-A polymers.

Cremophor® A 6

Illum L, Davis SS: Cell envelopes of gram negative bacteria: Propofol emulsion and other emulsions for intravenous delivery are manufactured so that the oil droplets average 0.

Polymeric micelles for delivery of poorly water-soluble compounds. Ann Pharmacother ; The association between propofol administration and pancreatitis remains obscure and is based only on a number of case reports.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I bought from my friend who bought this ewax from America. A new treatment strategy for refractory migraine headache. Effect of cyclodextrin charge on complexation of neutral and charged substrates: China cas no China black cas China scales cas. J Appl Bacteriol ; Am J Health Syst Pharm ; The function of phospholipids of soybean lecithin in emulsions.

The hydrophilic brush border inhibits the attachment of these micelles to proteins. Notify me of new comments via email.

BASF has a high quality product range that includes surfactants, emulsifiers, polymers, emollients, cosmetic active ingredients, pigments, UV filters, thickeners, protein products, and lipid layer enhancers. The targeting of drugs parenterally by use of microspheres.

Cremophor® A 6 by BASF – Personal Care & Cosmetics

Log in to access full content You must be logged in to access this feature. Of particular interest are cyclodextrins. Chemical structure of propofol, 2,6-diisopropylphenol. Emulsion systems for the delivery of drugs by the parenteral route, Optimization of Drug Delivery.

The effect on pain.


Propofol containing sulfite—potential for injury. Immune-mediated reactions to althesin alphaxalone.


Br J Anaesth ; Eur J Anaesthesiol ; In the latter case, the chylomicrons shrink in size, and their remnants are removed by the liver. Synthesis and structure-activity relationships. Formulation-dependent pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of propofol in rats. These investigators found that in contrast to the effects of lidocaine, thiopental did not alter the zeta potential of the propofol oil droplets.

However, aseptic precautions should be maintained during propofol emulsion administration. J Cardiothorac Vasc Anesth ; 9: The carboxylic acid ester prodrugs are designed to be hydrolyzed to release propofol, predominantly by the action of tissue esterases and to lesser degrees by nonenzymatic mechanisms.

Propofol has ctemophor attributes that cause it to be a widely used anesthetic and sedative, but it is a difficult compound to formulate in stable aqueous vehicles suitable for routine clinical use.

Cremophor EL has a critical micellar concentration of approximately 0. Its lone ionizable functional group, the hydroxyl, has a pK a of 11, which renders it unsuitable for forming salts in solution.

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Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of the new propofol prodrug GPI in rats. Likewise, in its cationic form, it may also neutralize the negative surface charges. Sulfite differs from EDTA in its actions. Furthermore, emulsions need to have a great enough physical stability to withstand heat sterilization and maintain their integrity for their prescribed shelf life.