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Dinitrochlorobenzene Dinitrobenzofuroxan has a somewhat more explosive power than Pic- ric Acid, but due to its slightly acidic properties and its relatively high production cost it has yet to become widely-used. Chemistry and Technology of Explosives. The book contains about entries arranged in dsr order. The device consists of lehrbucg non-detonating gas-generating material and a priming or a heating charge, which are confined together in a steel pipe.

The basic thermodynamic data will be found in the extensive synoptic tables.

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Springer-Verlag, Wien – New York The Hugoniot curve and the Rayleigh line in the p-v diagram. A similar test has been developed in the USA according the deforma- tion of a lead block, using commercial caps with 0. For conversion tables see the back flyleaf of this volume. Prolonged storage, especially in wet climates, may cause exudation of gelatinous nitroglycerine explosives. Bergmann-Junk Test 32 molecular weight: These products contain nitroglycol rather than nitroglycerine, with improvement in the safety of handling and transportation.

They consist of a cylindrical copper or aluminum capsule containing a primary charge of an initiating explosive or a mixture of initiating explosives e.

The results are used to determine the classification of the explosive as a transport hazard.

Exploding BridgeWire Detonator EBW An initiating device which utilizes the shock energy from the explosion of a fine metallic wire to directly initiate a secondary explosive train. The impact velocity which causes the charge to detonate is determined. The gas mixture consists of compressed tablets which, after ignition, burn to form the working gas and slag.

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Das Lehrbuch Der Sprengmeister

This technique can be applied to materials which are soluble totally in water black powder, ANFO. It is also used to gelatinize commercial explosives. Finely dispersed gas inclusions considerably reduce the critical diameter. C 4 N 8 N 2 0 6 molecular weight: Diglycol dinitrate and triglycol dinitrate are also employed as rocket propel- lants.

Clearly, the magnitude of this parameter depends both on the nature of the firing charge em- ployed and on the ease with which the solid propellant can be initiated. C 14 H 10 O 4 Text quoted from glossary.

Full text of “Explosives 5th Edition by Meyer, Kohler, and Homburg ()”

The glycidyl azide polymer belongs to the group of reactive polymers thermoset materials and is processed together with a main energy conductor, small amounts of softener, inert binders, curing agents and where necessary, accelerating agents. The dark brown reaction product is purified by dissolution in hot acetone and reprecipi- tation with iced water.

Sprengmeiister for the thermodynamic calculations of the performance parameters of high explosives, gun propellants, and rocket propellants are given in somewhat greater detail. The thermal balance can also be applied in this manner to the study of thermal stability of explosive materials. It is a nitrocellulose gelatinizer. The front flyleaf contains a glossary of the terms denoting the characteristics of lehrbufh plosive materials in six languages.

Becker, Zeitschrift fur Physik 8, p. Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website. Composition must be readily ignitible, and be capable of igniting the underlying pyrotechnic charge.


The main component of nitrocellulose powders is nitrocellulose, a mixture of guncotton Cyclonite may also be used as an additive in the manufacture of smokeless pow- ders. Resonance combustion is defined as the generation of pressure max- ima in the combustion chamber and the consequent irregularity sprengmeistef the burning rate; these maxima originate from lhrbuch interaction between the gas stream and the flame and become apparent as a kind of vibra- tion.

C 15 H 16 N 2 O molecular weight: It is not miscible with ethanol and is sparingly soluble in carbon tetra- chloride. The distance between this meeting point and the geometric center of the cord is a measure of the lfhrbuch detonation rate to be determined: Ammonium pi- crate has been employed as an explosive in military charges.

The explosive can be supplied as a cartridge in sealable plastic tubes. Explosives Explosivstoffe; explosifs 1.

For a considerable time the caseless ammunition consisted of a compressed NC propellant body into which the bullet was inserted.

The nitration product is stabilized by boiling in water, followed by dissolution in acetone and reprecipitation with water.

The disadvantage of this version is the large weight of the gas cylinder, which is subject to the Pressure Vessel Regulations, and the high noise level that occurs when the sealing disk opens, because initially the full gas pressure is present. The system, which consists of high-power explosive, can be detonated using a standard blasting cap. Only officially approved test- ers should be employed.