Este trabajo ilustra no sólo una innovadora forma de estudiar el efecto látigo, o una forma distinta de modelar las cadenas de suministro usando los principios. Se debe a un desajuste en la cadena de suministro entre las Relación entre precio-demanda pueden incrementar o mitigar el efecto látigo. Efecto Latigo Solución CPFR Planeación agregada. Es la sincronización de la estrategia de la cadena de suministro y de competitiva. Causas.

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Notice that the oscillatory frequency does not have any relation to the demand variations. The Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chains. Work in process inventories is zuministro to 0 units, because production time is always less than a week.

… more than classic ‘beer game’.

Changes in forecast Now suppose that we could develop a forecast system that provides information for two weeks in advance, in such a way that the purchase manager can order raw materials in advance to receive them the week when they are needed.

Even though the bullwhip effect has decreased we cannot declare it to be solved. Variables cacena represented with circles, and constants with diamonds. Rate variables are de fined: In general, these managers use the stock positions, forecast and safety stock target for their decision making. We would like to thank the anonymous referees for their helpful suggestions that have allowed us to suuministro the exposition of this research.

We will illustrate just what kind of scenarios wfecto be developed for a more detailed study, and how to asses the impact of new policies.

University of Manchester, UK. Modelling considerations In our case study we work with the main bottler of PepsiCo Beverages International in Mexico: Notice for instance that during the 25th week, demand is low just after the summer season, latigi is amplified by distribution and production.

Determining the Vector of Change.

implexa – supply chain game and simulation software – home page

Rectangles represent stock positions of raw materials, WIP and finished goods. Suminnistro managers are also responsible for the supply of aluminium cans and plastic or glass bottles.

At this time the input variable is reproduced exactly. At each echelon, operation managers receive orders from a downstream echelon and try to fulfil them by taking two decisions: The bullwhip effect can drive wrong decisions when the production or transport capacity is defined.


In figure 9 we can see, in the first place how production orders and purchases vary with respect the receipt of raw materials and production of finished goods. In effect, during the following week, new demand for 15, units is served and 17, units of stock are received, reaching a final inventory of 8, units.

Figure 5 shows the model diagram for the Pepsi ml. Therefore, we will consider only the behaviour of the system after the 10 th week. We have a minimum stock inventory policy For this strategy it is central to keep the continuous expansion of its product portfolio. It is clear that during efeccto 45, no special demand increment was experienced.

Efecot have shown that is possible to build such a model and to capture with relative simplicity but high degree of abstraction the complexities of a Supply Chain. Therefore, the assumption of demand to test the model is meaningful to provide an interpretation.

EFECTO LÁTIGO by Mariam Trejos on Prezi

We have selected for model validation and calibration parameterization the historic demand for the year We produced that forecast for 4 or 5 months directly, creating the forecast from our sales estimations based on the “last month sales” and we multiplied it by a factor month by month Some variables represent decision makers managers and include the use of information inputs into a function that ends with a numerical decision e.

If we use sales instead of demand in forecasting we can constrain the market to sell only what we think that we will sell, instead of what the customer wants. In the consumer goods industry, and in particular the food industry, it is known that the customer never waits for backorders. In principle, the forecast is produced by operational managers using econometric standards, and the sales managers are responsible of fine tune it with expected demand volumes per zone and by product.

In the hypothetical infinite order delay pipeline delay nothing happens to the output until the delay time has elapsed. For instance, the SD model can be extended to study scenarios where more information flows are available, where some conflict of interest affecting the policies between internal and external managers are considered, such as performance measurements.


Due to the inventory policies, the safety stock is defined as days of coverage times the forecast. The time step unit is weeks and all order quantities are in finished goods equivalent units. In our case the study behaviour is the Bullwhip Effect, and the causes of the behaviour are defined by the policies of the supply chain managers, that make decisions based on a given flow of information.

Tatiana Lara

I always try to follow my policy, which is optimal. A pipeline delay may be looked upon as a “moving efeto or conveyor belt, where items are put on the conveyor at one end, and expelled at the other end after a fixed time. The average level of education reached by a salesman is secondary school.

Therefore, the model is limited in detail but not in meaning since our analysis of distortions is of an aggregated nature. Oscillation of the purchase orders are not eliminated, varying from 0 to 70, units inside a given season.

There is a minimum amount of sugar to buy on a monthly basis of Ton. With models like the one presented here it is possible to studied and compare different companies and different sectors by using experimental input signals, and supply chain performance measures taken from either operations management ort from control theory. The model’s validity is based on lw consensus and acceptance from the managers rather than in efecot statistical proves. However, we know that since it is impossible to completely eliminate the bullwhip effect, it is desirable to define heuristic policies that help to control and coordinate the supply chain while customer service is high, resulting in higher operating and financial performance.