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2. C C Product. Submersible pump for pumping clean water, surface water and waste water containing solids or long-fibred material. Denomination. Dataplate. rpm. Max 40°C. YSER/Y//V. 26/51A. kWhp. Date: Flygt CS MT. Use our handy online form to submit details on your existing Flygt pump to get a Flygt C Submersible Pumps Range Flygt C LT Submersible.

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Never use a naked flame to thaw the unit. Take all necessary measures to avoid over-pressurization.

It is recommended that they are flggt to 24 V over separate fuses to protect other automatic equipment. O-ring Wear ring in the pump housing Impeller wear ring Figure Flygt Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual Product Description Monitoring flyg The following applies to the monitoring equipment of the pump: Check that the impeller rotates according to this illustration.

Oil housing2 Fill with new oil, if necessary. Seek medical attention, if required. Thermistor must never be exposed to voltages higher than 2.


Flygt Series / C Submersible Pumps

All non-English instructions are translations of the original instruction. Failure flyg do so could result in death or serious injury. Inspection plug Oil plug 4.

Use a level or a plumb line. Lower diffuser Figure In addition to the data plate, explosion-proof products 31152 have either an EN or a FM approval plate.

Raise the stop level. Ex-approved products must always have the thermal contacts connected irrespective of the ambient temperature. If the problem still persists: The data clygt lists key product specifications.

Product specifications | Flygt 3152 – Alaska Pump and Supply

This provides access to the terminal board. Connect the discharge pipe to the discharge connection.

Connection to power Check that the connections are properly tightened. When the pump is connected to the public power supply, it may cause flickering of incandescent lamps when started.

The impeller is difficult to rotate by hand. The pump does not start automatically, but can be started manually.

Flygt – Alaska Pump and Supply |

If necessary, saw grooves in the wear ring using a hacksaw. Check that the cables do not have any sharp bends and are not pinched. There are signs of wear on the impeller, pump, and casing. Make sure flhgt the cable cannot be sucked into the pump inlet or that it is neither sharply bent, or pinched.


Check the impeller clearance.

Lay the drive unit end on its flybt. You must connect an additional earth- ground- fault protection device to the earthed grounded connectors if persons are likely to come into physical contact with the pump or pumped liquids.

Flygt 3000 Series / C Submersible Pumps

If the voltage exceeds this value, for example when the control circuit is tested, the thermistors will be destroyed. This is an example of a serial number, and an explanation of its parts.

Check that the resistance between the earth ground and phase lead is rlygt than 5 megohms.