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DOCUMENTATION: Foxbase+/Mac comes with a tutorial, reference manual, reference guide, and a few other documentation odds and ends. The printed tutorial. List of older versions of FoxBASE/FoxPro programming tools and their features. covered binder. Quick Start/Tutorial, looseleaf, three ring, vinyl covered binder. As with any massive program, Foxbase + requires a hard disk for reasonable Foxbase + includes neither a written nor an on-line tutorial, and the bulk of the.

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Jewel case front insert rear Part no. Includes serial number, demonstration activation key, date and an activation key which can only be read by opening the sealed envelope.

Software License Card, Part no. This lists versions 3. Note, however, that if other people need to use FoxPro on your home or laptop computer, you must purchase an additional license. Top of box is labeled: Upper right corner of box has sunburst ” Academic Price ” sticker.

Information on other vendors’ products.


Free Programming Tutorials – F

Information on the patches is available on http: Installation program will search your disk to confirm eligibility. Printer Drivers, 34 pages, title page dated May Distribution Kit, 20 pages, title page dated May Installation Guide, 16 pages, title page dated May Rear bard code labeled Retail box sleeve rear lower left Part No.

Visual FoxPro version 3. For any Macintosh computer with a or higher processor -System 7. Includes two double density diskettes and the following printed materials: EMS is not affiliated with Microsoft or any other vendor.

Update, yes, this is the only manual. Language Reference, Developer’s Guide, Master Index, 56 pages, Document No. This offer expired April 30, Note that this par tof the product is all albeled Fox Software. Registered owners may acquire an unlimited number of FoxPro 2. FX, manual rear bottom barcode label EXE executables using a Fox central library. Box sleeve right side bottom Part No.

Installation and Configuration, Document No. You qualify for this upgrade if you are a licensed user of FoxPro 2. NFR copy is on far right. Inkjet SKU Requirements to run: Box tjtorial Part No. Box sleeve right side marked: Box rear Part No.


Free programming tutorials – FOXBASE

Box rear lower left marked Part No. Rear marked Part No. System Disk ” c Apple, “. License card is printed: Supprots LaserWriter and Image Writer printrs. Only the registration card overprint, box top product label, and tuyorial on box front indicate AE.

FoxPro Distribution Kit Version 2. Do you know different?

Academic edition packaging shown. MS Part number V VGA or higher resolution.

FoxBASE®/FoxPro® Versions Features

One CD we received unknown sub-version showed: You need licenses to match the maximum number of users running FoxPro off a network at any one time. Info thanks to J.

Box top numbersFMD Other Tytorial version information. Patches to update 2. Any Power Macintosh compatible with or higher processor. Right spine Part no.