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Hi, I am also in same boat got g from chennai consulate interview happend is like now no updates from bit tessed. Thanks. Hi everyone, I went to US for masters and then got a job in the same field of study . I got H1B visa stamped in Chennai consulate. After working. On Saturday, December 29, , from p.m. until p.m. (Washington, DC time), CEAC will be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance. Users will.

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Jamini on July 24, at 3: No, if you can. Could you also guide as to how F1-renewal cases on OPT are handled differently than H1 or other cases? By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I am considering apllying th.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Immediately After Getting g It is good consultae ask as the officer as soon as the g letter is handed out about the nature of the g given and what next steps need to be taken to overcome it. One can also check their case on the website: Please let me know the process to back my passport?

Be alert to submit ur passport.

If possible support the employer remotely and convince them that you can manage your job remotely. My concern is to study in USA and also take my family along but I do not have the resources to complete my education for three to four years duration and maintain my large family all at a go. Once you get your part done leave the rest to your diligence, focus and there should be no problem in convincing the VO at the Consulate of your Country. Join the club, same here. It is a normal consulahe processing based on your field of study.


G white slip Hyderabad consulate Jul – H1B : Visa Stamp – Murthy Law Firm

June 20, at 5: If they have your passport then its a positive sign, but having said that i am not implying that if they returned its a bad sign.

Oh thank you so much Jamini for the prompt and encouraging response! After 6 Months Some cases take longer than 6 months. I dont want any surprises.

Hello, I am currently in administrative processing for the last days. November 5, at 1: My savings is not enough to sustain everyone in the family and pay my bills during the study 5.

Next Steps

Do you have your passport with you? Please share your story of yes. I asked him this thing because one of my friend and several of HSB followers mentioned that they had to submit everthing there only.

Any guidance on your part would be highly appreciated. Tam on July 29, at 6: This happens to be the same as 2. My wife got the similar kind of response. Regarding your case, I am a bit confused. Check H1B Processing times.

My question is, can I claim all the tax back that I have been paying since living back in Ireland. They might still be processing your case but no harm in emailing them. You should get an update soon.

Moreover, they have limited number of visas and their judgement, sometimes, may not be logical. Was the email sent out late and was talking about the denial when he went to the embassy or is the email about the new documents he just submitted? Is any administration changes?? May 2, at I attended visa interview on 16th of November got g white slip ,after a week got a call and was asked for supporting documents to hydfpu state.


Stay cool as your hurry, worry and anxiety can raise some eyebrows. Please feel free to ask for any other information. Hi everyone, I went to US for masters and then got a job in the same field of study. I was given a form g and asked to provide proof of Sevis payment and my passport via DHL. I received my passport.

April 26, at Adolf on July 24, at 7: First i would like to know the difference between refused and Rejected. I am not applying for a F or M visa, and do not intend to attend any educational program. They kept my passport with them and yes my case number was there on the site for about 22 days after my interview and then it was removed from the site, which really means that adm processing is complete.

But if your case has crossed one year and the inquiries from the legal team or the representatives office have not yielded much it is possible to file a petition against DOS for expediting your case and getting a conclusion.

Hi i am kalyan i had attended my visa on 14th july and i got g and when i am checking my status it is showing it is under administrative processing.