I was reading over the other Legend of Legaia guides, and they were all very good, and they inspired me to do one as well. This game may never have received. Legend of Legaia is an RPG developed by Contrail and released for the PlayStation in It consists of a turn-based battle system with a unique combo and. Legend of Legaia Walkthrough -A fortnightly publication Version Written by Tan Yong Hua ([email protected]) ICQ Number Check out my.

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Head inside and use the device. For being my first online friend, and for believing in my FAQ skills. In the party,Maya will learn of Juno’s death and hurry off to cry herself. Go to the mountain. Vahn and Gala should have orb spell by now.

Legend of Legaia – NG+ 100% Guide

You can also know more about the islands that you will be going to. Don’t you think so When finally the boss is defeated,the wolf will be brought before the genesis tree and the raseru on it will be passed on to Noa.

All the chests are locked up. Actually I don’t really care if you host this on your personal site, but obviously you should send me a heads up so I don’t get other people emailing about you using legrnd guide where it’s not listed.


lgaia Skeleton– O button only 6 coins 12 total Battle 4: It will take you to the next floor. They will always be available here though.

Stock up on weapons and items if you wish. Faq and Revise Take the elevator down to the next floor and next screen.

Now take the long trek to the north east and follow the path around until you get to. All items All 22 magic spells All 45 Arts So hopefully this is enough for you, ’cause I worked hard! Wow, this guy is with a sim-seru. Inside, in the top right corner is a shelf containing a [Guardian Ring]. It will do about damgaes now since you have taken the wonder elixirs. Just keep on going. Noa should be faster then Vahn but she is awfully weak agaisnt the beast.

Return to the dungeon. Continue on until you reach a fork, head to the right and jump across the ledges until you wind up at another rock climbing path. Try to keep your hps above that. Spoon strongest healing magic Round 1: Run from all three courses.

Leave the house and head north- east. This fortress is just like the floating castle.

Ancient Wind Cave Inn OO Inn G OO Go to the back of his room and move the switch wow the old man is like a guardian or gate keeper to open the door out of here. Continue straight until you find a treasure chest. Some simply give percent bonuses to your stats, while others provide elemental defense against elements. These secret items are also called rs-seru. Equip it on Vahn and then go north and east.


Legend of Legaia FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation by meth – GameFAQs

The right path is hidden by a tree at the top. Prepare yourself for a difficult dungeon. Explore the whole village as long as you like. Don’t worry, the weaker he gets, the less he will hit you for so all your healing will pay off after a bit. And finally you get to fight the golem.

He can hit you for on a single char with his flare move. It is Dolhati,a guy that looks like Zeto but more difficult.

Legend of Legaia Walkthroughs and Guides

Spirit Talisman pts: Nullify all Venom Attacks. Each room has some treasure inside it like Elxir or healing items. Next, search the very lower right of this room to find a [Magic Leaf]. Lastly, stock up on Doors of Wind because they are the only way you can get back to the rest of the world once you leave Octam.