An excellent collection of short stories by Mr. Frederick Forsyth, all loaded with intrigue and ending with fiendishly clever plot twists. The ending of the. A collection of taut, electrifying tales from the master of international intrigue, #1 New York Times bestselling author Frederick Forsyth A. 10 Sep No Comebacks by Frederick Forsyth (). A collection of ten short stories. No first publication dates are given, which is a shame because it.

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No Comebacks by Frederick Forsyth (1982)

Want to Read saving…. The story No Comebacks is about a millionaire who devoted loves a married woman, to the extent that he is willing to kill her simple husband.

Chadwick goes to research the law himself and comes up with a humorous solution. At a party he meets a stunningly beautiful woman we never get her name who resists his comeacks. Horrified, he then gets a phone call from a threatening man who gives no name, and realises he is being blackmailed.

Every character is like a stereotype from a sketch. An OK read, really.

No Comebacks by Frederick Forsyth |

But the most perfect plans can go awry, and this one does in a way that the one who gave the forsythh and contract rather than the one who carried it out will repent for ever – “don’t worry, there will be no comebacks” the killer assures him. View all 3 comments. The others in the gang, sympathetic but scared of the bully, tell him to stay down… So that evening Harkishan sets up a little shrine in his Belfast flat to the goddess Shakti and prays for guidance, and the drizzling rain on the windowpane leads his eye to the corner of the room where the belt of his dressing gown lies huddled in the shape of… a snake!


Simultaneously gripping in detail and preposterous in outline. Friday, March 21, My favorites “Money with Menaces” and “Used in Evidence” absolutely fantastic.

It is not so easy no matter how much money one has and what one can buy, as this man is about to discover – he finds a man to take a contract to fredeirck rid of the husband, and as usual the details of the plan are interesting what with Forsyth giving detailed research.

They have been tipped off that this lorry will be carrying 9, bottles of French brandy frederivk they are planning to sell to a gang from the North of Ireland for a tidy profit.

In a nice quiet compartment is sitting Judge Comyn hoping to do some work, but into it comes first a short, nervous, wispy-haired man and then at the last moment, as the train is pulling out, a breathless priest. The least far-fetched and most gripping Frederixk thriller for years. Does Forsyth have family roots there? A friend bought this book, originally published inat a library book sale and gave it to me. His doctor tells him he has incurable bowel cancer and 6 months to live.

No Comebacks by Frederick Forsyth. Deepa Certified Buyer 23 Jul, But along the way, there are often sections of clear, intelligent and informative prose freeerick are totally gripping and persuasive. Very hard men from this organisation insist on knowing whether there was foul play and so force the authorities to hold a second, in-depth post-mortem and inquest to decisively ascertain the cause of death — which I thought Forsyth might use to somehow implicate Harkishan, who would fredercik come to a very sticky end at the hands forsytn the UVF.


Whether his subject is assassination by stealth, the cruel confidence trick or the cold shock of coincidence, Frederick Forsyth is never less than compulsive, the detail always authentic.

Everything is laid out in a crisp, neat stylee, both the gripping technical descriptions and the lamentably shallow psychology. Usually delivered in days? The title story is without comebavks one of the best short stories ever written And so he gets his court hearing where he can declare his innocence while saying whatever he likes about the reporter – and since he speaks from the dock, it is not liable to action from the reporter or the newspaper.

Remember to count your chickens. The demand is a thousand pounds sterling and he is no where near in the class that can do this nonchalantly. Stay in Touch Sign up. We are experiencing technical difficulties. The others in the gang, sympathetic but scared of the bully, tell him to stay down…. And then the whole atmosphere changes abruptly, when the giant goes on to say that he forsgth part in an execution firing squad.

And the sudden ironic reversal at the end of the story looks forward to other unexpected reversals in Forsyth, specifically when timid or non-descript men turn out to have a powerful and violent Army past — notably the twist in the tail fosryth The Veteranfrom 20 years later which, despite myself, I found myself liking. Saturday, March 22,