Drive Technology \ Drive Automation \ System Integration \ Services. Catalog. Single-Phase Gearmotors . Example type designation of a DRK.. gearmotor. Search in SEW-EURODRIVE catalogs and technical brochures on SEW- EURODRIVE logo Gear units and motors in a modular system Gearmotors. Dimension sheets for adapters with hyraulic centrifugal coupling Dimension sheets for input shaft assembly with motor mounting platform .

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Isolated cablesProductivity is increased due to— Touch-proof no open, live components — Cables are not impaired Horizontal Gear Units X.

Whether you’re implementingstandardized single- or multi-axis Contents6Design and Operating Notes IntroductionContents of this publication11Introduction1. Decentralized drive systems 4.

SEW-EURODRIVE Products: Electronic Catalog & System Engineering / SEW Workbench

Contents 10 Industrial Gear Units There is no industry and no drive applicationin the world for which our gear units in combination with the required gwar would notoffer F-Series Gear Units Edition Greater profitabilityWear-free energy transferHigh Using this fluid can help prevent contact corrosion and makes it easier to disassemble the drive at a later time.

Open the catalogue to page 8. Copyright law prohibits the unauthorized duplication, modification, distribution, and use of this document, eurodrvie whole or in part.


Highest productionquality and professional assembly ensure an efficientdrive solution for every application — Table of contents13Technical data of the motors We realized early that modernsystem architectures and their particular design traits Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “universal and scalable variety” P. The Online Industrial Exhibition. Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “Assembly – and operating instructions”. Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “Gear units and motors in a modular system Gearmotors” P.

All SEW-EURODRIVE catalogues and technical brochures

Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “Gear units and motors in euroxrive modular system Gearmotors”.

Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “motoreductor” P. Datalog Description of the Gear Units Surface protection The wear-free gearing and the life-long lubrication allow for long periods of maintenance-free operation. Operating Instructions — Gear Units R. Thisdirective and the respective standards and regulations must be observed Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “Single phase gearmotors” P.

DR Motor — SEW-EURODRIVE – Gearmotors and Motors Catalogs

Color Code SystemColor code system for catalogsand system manualsOur catalogs and system manuals are identified by a color code system at the back tomake it easier to work with these publications. Open the catalogue to page 7. Important NotesExplanation of symbols1Important Notes1.


Safe worldwide standards for each drive solutionThis brochure on our new modular system for gearmotors documents once more the valueswe live by in our company.

Gearmotors and Motors Catalogs

J motors LSPM technology 1. Contents7Design and Operating Notes Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “Gear Units” P.

Sed the following tables to locate the products and systems included in the respective product group: These include, above all, performance,compact design, versatility, reliabilityand long service life The TVS connection distributors are used as connection points for the line Severe or fatal injuries.

Gear units and motors in a modular systemGearmotors.

The special procedure “Z” is also available. Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “Synchronous Servo Gearmotors” P. Our helical fatalog units always offeran optimum ratio between performance andspace requirements