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Productivity Powerhouse

I'm going to get meta for a moment. I just completed my book, Productivity Powerhouse: Double Your Productivity Now and wanted to give my readers a free copy. This new book contains my system for doubling my productivity as well as plenty of templates to help you do the same. If you sign up for my free email updates I'll send you over a copy of my book right now. 100% … [Read more...]

How to Get Motivated While in a Rut

We've all had those moments where getting motivated seems like the biggest challenge ever. Sometimes, these moments strike and just seem to keep going. Sometimes we can get ourselves worked into a rut and find it incredibly difficult to get out of the funk. It is easier just to binge watch some more television on Netflix. If you are ready to get out of that rut and get … [Read more...]

How to Know You Are Moving to Success

Success can seem like it is never coming at times. Things can be hard. Sometimes it is easy to feel like you aren't ever going to reach your goals and that you are in a rut. I know what that can feel like. You might be overlooking the signs you are heading to success. That is why I'm sharing this list of ways to know that you are heading in the right … [Read more...]

How to Be Rich. Follow These Powerful Habits.

The richest people on the planet are all doing the same things. They've built some positive habits and I want to share those habits I have learned from them. 1. Track spending. Knowing where your money is going is the most important thing you can be doing. Keep track of where you are spending your money. If you don't keep track you'll find yourself spending money you … [Read more...]

How to Listen to Podcasts Effectively

Listening to podcasts is something I do on a regular basis. I enjoy podcasts because they allow me to increase my knowledge and they are something that is both passive and active. I can listen while I do other things. The podcasts app included with the iPhone does an okay job, but I've been using an app called Overcast by Marco Arment recently and have become almost … [Read more...]