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20 Dec Bristish Standards BS EN , BS – Emergency escape lighting systems, available to purchase for only £ ex VAT. In respect of maintenance and testing the requirements of BS EN alter the duration period and frequency required for self-contained. BS EN Emergency escape lighting systems. standard by British- Adopted European Standard, 12/20/ View all product details. Most Recent.

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In a system with a single switch for the whole building or a large circuit, after simulating the mains failure it is necessary for the tester to walk the whole building or circuit, to check all emergency luminaire are operating correctly.

The amended code will remove have no conflicts with the EN and will refer to it for guidance on maintenance. BS contains detailed information on the recommended duration of systems in various premises.

Product Overview Technical Data.

This may lead to sudden darkness and a possible danger to the occupants, either through physical danger or panic. During this period, all luminaires and signs shall be checked to ensure that they are present, clean and functioning correctly. Lighting units and signs should be sited so as to clearly show the exit routes leading to the final exits from the premises.

They also apply to standby lighting used as emergency escape lighting and gives practical guidance to make it more effective in an emergency. Maintained fire exit signs are also used in public spaces even where these are well lit to offer clear escape route guidance in evacuation situations where the power does not fail.

The loss of mains electricity could be the result of a fire or a power cut and the sn lighting supplies fail. This test can be carried out manually or automatically. Access to fire alarm call points and fire fighting equipment should be clearly illuminated. If you have any questions or would like more information about this product you can ask one of our specialists. fn

British Standard – BS EN , BS – Emergency Escape Lighting Systems

In buildings that are permanently occupied, the test should be phased so e alternate luminaires are tested. And A number of the requirements which are given in BS B Luminaire including remote test device: So I would like to dedicate this major upgrade to Kurnal and hope that it assists you in some of the questions and answers that you may have or want to share.


Theoretically, codes of practice are not specifications even though we all tend to use them as such. If manual testing is utilised, the following points should be considered:. Home Help Search Login Register.

The lights are typically dimmed when these premises are occupied and the emergency escape lighting prevents total darkness. The test is a short functional test in accordance with BS EN All my responses only apply to England and Wales and they are an overview of the subject, hopefully it will point you in the right direction and always treat with caution. The above is a brief summary and we recommend that the appropriate standard is studied to gain a full understanding of what is involved.

I am regularly having discussions with competent electricians who insist on wiring self contained units back to a dedicated mcb on the distribution board rather than taking a feed from the local lighting subcircuit.

BS EN 50172:2004, BS 5266-8:2004

Regular servicing sb essential. The links may not be inclusive but will give an indication of the guidance available.

It is not necessary to provide individual lights luminaires for each item above, but there should be a sufficient overall level of light to allow them to be visible and usable. The actual degree of illumination should be closely related to the nature of both the premises and its occupants, with special consideration being given to care homes for the elderly, hospitals, crowded venues such as wn, nightclubs and supermarkets, and to whether or not the premises have overnight accommodation, e.

Colleagues and I have been debating the question as to what is the legal status of the EN documents, in 500172 the above document relating to Emergency Escape lighting.

Typically, luminaire and installation costs are a major consideration, particularly on smaller jobs, and it is this criterion which makes the self-contained luminaire the most popular choice. In general, the decision to use either a central battery or a self-contained system is likely to be cost determined. The period of simulated failure should be sufficient for the purpose of this test while minimising damage to the system components, e. These should detail the quality of the installation and its conformance to IEE regulations, including the main circuit of the normal lighting system feeding non-maintained fittings.


A minimum duration of 3 hours should be used for emergency escape lighting if the premises are not evacuated immediately, as in the case of sleeping accommodation, for example, or if the premises will be reoccupied immediately the supply is restored without waiting for the batteries to be recharged.

Photometric performance is required and evidence of compliance with light levels has to be supplied by the system designer. Now our European cousins How many Frenchmen does it take to defend Paris against invaders? The minimum duration of an emergency escape lighting system is 1 hour.

Looking for more information? Gives general rules and guidance on the provision and operation of emergency lighting in most premises other than dwelling houses. Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order guides. A including test device B including remote test device C including inhibiting mode D high risk task luminaire. BS recommends the provision of horizontal illumination at floor level along the centre line of a defined escape route permanently unobstructed not less than 1 lux, and 0.

In this case, there is a daily visual inspection of indicators on the central power supply to identify that the system bbs operational.

Your Email Address Questions. The uniformity ratio for task area lighting should be a minimum of Appropriate product standards are also identified. And are there any other EN standards relating to Fire Safety with the same implications?

The following minimum inspections and tests shall be carried out at the intervals recommended below. Additional information on servicing can be found in BS And in section 7.