This tutorial walks through some basic image and layer manipulation techniques. Making a Circle-Shaped Image How to create a circular-shaped image. I wrote a brief 3 page review/tutorial on Gimpshop as a method of introducing it as a free/Free alternative to Adobe’s Photoshop a month ago. As we all do, I am. Tutorials Library | Gimpshop – The Free Photoshop AlternativeGimpshop.

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An important but altogether different hurdle is the installed and paid-for base of often expensive third-party Photoshop plugins. Make your images look a little bit nicer on those covers. What we wanna do now yimpshop we want to unselect this. Now then what we wanna do now is I wanna show you how to create these flames. And I just could not figure out what those icons were or images were because it has to be exact.

Also included are tutorials on setting up Wacom and Aiptek tablets. And back here, Save As… You can see how it opens up again in this format. So you can see how it affects everything below it with the darker blue hue or tint.

If you go too far on the Saturation, Lightness, Hue, you can always gimppshop the Reset button and go back to where it was in the beginning. Now what you can do is over here tutoriaps my dialog box, you can click on this area and this is just one way you can get in there. That way it will give you the opportunity to save it in a different location or to just confirm in your mind where it was originally saved at. It just tends to work a little gimpshopp better in some cases than the.


Again, one of the beauties behind gipmshop.

gimphop And this is our Layers Dialog Box here. You can adjust the size obviously here. That way you want to adjust the scale that much but in either case. Go over here to File and then Dialogs.

We click on the delete key. GIF is you can create animations with it too. And you just do so much with this. How you can get them in there.

Thank you much for watching. The larger you can get, the better.

Now then, we can see they are now in here. Again, just play around with these different modes. So we wanna get rid of these blemishes. This layer is selected. An ever popular hobbie of most photo-geeks is to use their own face as an avatar on thier favorite web forums.

It may be corrupted, try reinstalling it. And if you screw something up, well you can always hit the Reset button. Just wanna bring that up.

Gimp and Gimpshop Tips, Tricks and Tutorials on the web | The Copper Scroll

And you can do that by these arrows here. Where we at here. And there you tutoriwls. We need to go back to our here at the Gimp. Just double-click on it. And this is probably the best way I would do it is I would just click on this and then click on Save.


Now this is a cool part here. This is the first stop any GIMP user should make for tutorials.

So if you take this all the way down to four or seven you can see how the quality degrades a great deal there. Change that, change that, change this.

I guess I better rid these guys here because they are just in my way right now. This is our striped donkey. Now again, myself call me crazy but I will just use the Move Tool and do the same gimphsop thing.

It is actually attached to the layer in question. So without having a three or four or five or six hundred bucks for a Photoshop software, you are able to manipulate and work with Photoshop images. And to do that we want to invert this and we can do that a couple of ways. We want this to blend in naturally with the blue background.

You wanna go to the pixels. Go to that, bring up my clean canvass, and get my foot there.

There you have it. And here we have our first layer.