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6 Nov But there’s one up-and-coming buzzword that may have more substance to it than most: the “Zero Moment of Truth.” Coined by Google in their. 3 Oct The “Zero Moment of Truth,” a term coined by Google in , fully emerged in the mids when mobile device adoption rates skyrocketed. 29 Feb In particular, I look at one of the newer additions to this thinking — what Google is calling the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) — and how our.

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This is when you move a customer towards becoming a true fan and advocate of your brand. Study argues Yelp drives higher conversions than Google and Facebook. Opinions expressed in this article are those of the guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land.

To what degree does a ZMOT win advance business KPIs such as awareness, consideration, purchase gooble, trial and repeat and purchase considerations?

ZMOT: Why It Matters Now More Than Ever

Google’s initial research showed the average consumer utilizing Not only did they have both bears, but they goovle already packaged them up and were sending them back to us in the post. The “Zero Moment of Truth,” a term coined by Google infully emerged in the mids when mobile device adoption rates skyrocketed, social media networks took off and unbiased third-party review sites took center stage.

This is where you build true brand loyalty. The ZMOT can happen on search engines and social networks, and the net result is zmoh more confident and well-informed purchase decision. By submitting this form, you agree to Third Door Media’s terms. Here’s what he had to say. The second moment of truth is googlee the customer uses your product. What is the best HDTV? And, being a bit lot of a geek, I will likely look into the science and studies that back up the claims made by the product.


In simple terms, this is a game of content marketing. I will look for alternatives.

If you want to get a little more sophisticated, search, social and display ads offer a wealth of opportunity. I am huge a believer in the power of online reputation and credibility, and I talk about that a little more in my super credibility post over here. The ubiquity of smartphones means that ZMOT googke no longer defined by a single discrete moment “when I open my laptop and search”. We have always researched products.

Consider where they are, and make sure you are there ideally with an offer. However, we can loosely categorize the types of content that our users need at goohle stage of this new user journey and buying cycle. And increasingly, these moments are happening on smartphones. Their experience can easily create negative or positive feedback that feeds into the Zero Moment of Truth for future customers, so it is critical to support and encourage advocacy at this stage.

Whatever your size, moments of truth matter. The exact approach will vary depending upon business, location and too many variables to cover here social media, search ads, display ads and content amplification are at least a start in the right direction. Much like a typical sales funnel, we must go from awareness stimulus through to the sale, and ideally, to post-sale recommendation. Soon, the airline was struggling no more.

SEO & The Zero Moment of Truth

Three years later, search and ZMOT have continued to grow in importance and scale, and as consumers’ behavior evolves, so must the ways in which brands engage those consumers. Links to products may not giogle enough to hook consumers. We can be the experts. Overwhelmingly, it’s “red wine stains. With the ZMOT falling directly between the initial stimulus and the FMOT the purchaseinterested consumers now have unlimited resources at their fingertips for zmto, fact-checks, price comparisons and testimonials.


This is where you transform a customer into a fan. Fifteen years ago, the marketing messages we received were all thrust at us via TV, radio, print, PR and word of mouth.

Use search to uncover and understand the moments that matter Long before many brand managers even knew what they were, consumers were searching for things like “greek yogurt,” “BB cream,” and “ombre hair.

I have two boys, ages nine and four. I will look for reviews. For some purchases, this will be much quicker. Solicit genuine product reviews from current customers, distributed among various third-party review sites. We saw that people are increasingly making these decisions at the Zero Moment—the precise moment when they have a need, intent or question they want answered online.

The strong will prosper. Where can I buy a guitar tuner? Inthe then-CEO of the struggling Scandinavian Airlines suggested a change to the prevailing customer service philosophy, which became known as Moments of Truth. We respect your privacy. A multi-location business with national coverage.

Find the best price. ZMOTor the Zmor Moment of Truth, describes a revolution in the way consumers search for information online and make decisions about brands. We work with business of all shapes and sizes.

The Zero Moment of Truth Macro Study

We have the tools to become more informed in our purchases. Businesses have been advertising for hundreds of years and, until very recently, the process has remained largely unchanged. How do they look at you from a credibility perspective?