Buy Supernature: A Natural History of the Supernatural by Lyall Watson (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free. 2 Jul Lyall Watson, who died on June 25 aged 69, was an adventurer, Watson followed Supernature with a book about the nature of death, the. 21 Jul Lyall Watson, a maverick scientific polymath and explorer who wrote the best- selling book “Supernature” and introduced the “hundredth.

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He started work on his first book, Omnivorein the early s, and produced 25 titles in all, covering an eclectic range of subjects including the nature of crowds and a history of the warson.

I Think, Therefore I Draw. It took him two years to interest a publisher in Supernature, a questionable, modish exploration of such phenomena as ESP, psychokinesis and telepathy in nature. He took naturally to serious academic work at the University of Witwatersrand, which he entered when only Unbound Worlds Exploring the science fiction and fantasy universe. Although it seemed a good story, the part about spontaneous transmission, at least, was not true. Examining breakthroughs in science from biology to biofeedback, from quantum physics to paraphysics, the author proposes a revolutionary synthesis of nature and supernature.


In the late s he presented Channel 4’s coverage of sumo tournaments. His last, The Whole Hogexplored the history and potential of pigs.

Jun 27, Pages. Supernature, his most successful book, dealt with mysterious and inexplicable natural phenomena.

Lyall Watson – Telegraph

He became director of Johannesburg Zoo at Classed as a New Age author, he probably wasn’t taken very seriously in the academic world and he was responsible for letting Uri Geller loose in the world. Describing himself as a “scientific nomad”, he considered conventional science simply inadequate to explain much human experience.

Supernature by Lyall Watson. Although few expected the traditional Japanese sport to attract more than a few hundred viewers, in the event it rapidly drew audiences of many thousands.

Supernature on Vimeo

A must read for anyone interested in exploring the biology of consciousness. Most thesis presented have been accepted as fact these days. His niece Katherine Zupernature recalled a quote that summed up his attitude to work and life: Based at the Organic Centre Co. It had been Watson’s suggestion, in the wake of Supernaturethat the BBC fly Geller from the United States to demonstrate his apparent powers of psychokinesis.


Apr 05, Phil South rated it it was amazing. He had an early fascination for nature in the surrounding bush, learning from Zulu and! What an interesting book. Regardless of its merits, watxon book opened this bush-boy’s eyes to the possibility that all was not as it seemed. I rarely if ever re-read a book but I just might go back for a refresher. When it came out, this book was astonishing.


Although some would say he already was, I believe he could have been a great speculative fiction writer had the fancy taken him. Life is sensitive to this pattern because it contains water, which is unstable and easily influenced.

For more information please contact: Philanthropist and heir to the Littlewoods empire who became a generous patron of the arts.

He served as director of the Johannesburg Zoo, an expedition leader to various locales, and Seychelles commissioner lall the International Whaling Commission.

Watson had an endlessly enquiring mind and never lost the habit of questioning received wisdom. The Big Ideas Box. I read this book in secondary school, it has had a huge effect on my life and how I think about the world! I have never pretended otherwise. He wrote 25 books on a wide variety of topics, of which SupernatureLifetide and Gifts of Unknown Things are among the best known.