This essay offers a reading of Indian writer Manjula Padmanabhan’s dystopian play Harvest () in order to examine the trade in human organs and the. Harvest [Manjula Padmanabhan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Om, a young man, is driven by unemployment to sell his body parts for. Harvest has ratings and 5 reviews. Amalie said: Harvest is a darkly satirical play about relationships, within a family and between the 1st world and.

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Return to Book Page. Vijayan’s later novels, but on this side of excess.

Koroviev rated it liked it Nov 01, This gesture, usually associated with widowhood, is useful in making the audience critique the mental anguish of Jaya who does this when her husband is still alive.

Aparna rated it liked it Sep 20, This page was last edited on 23 Mayat Out of a job for over two years and hemmed into a tiny house, the couple are increasingly frustrated over the quality of their lives when Om finally gets an interview call for a job. The stage directions and the writing was so clear as to make one imagine each and every incident happening in the play.

Book review: Manjula Padmanabhan’s ‘Harvest’

Harvest is really about the lengths people ready to walk on a path to destruction for various material needs, risking their individual dignity. Although it addresses globalization, the play’s issues are universal.


Heartbreaking and tragic, this play makes you confront a future that can become all-too-real. Refresh and try again. The catch being that it is from a company, Interplanta Services, that promises a luxurious life in exchange mxnjula signing up as an organ-donor for its wealthy clients.

The play ends with Jaya setting the terms and conditions. Books by Manjula Padmanabhan.

Oct 06, Samurdhi rated it really liked it. Adityasandeep rated it it was amazing Jan 27, Katherine rated it it was amazing Mar 25, Ashwariya Khemka rated it it was ok Apr 20, But as a result of her over concern, Om turns out to be a weak-willed, cowardly, spineless man.

Aparajith Raman rated it liked it Mar 06, It can make for a great intellectual discussion. Harvest is a play by Manjula Padmanabhan concerned with organ-selling in India set in the near future. This gives rise to a dual personality in such women, sycophancy toward the male holding the purse strings and tyranny toward the other dependents. Jack Page rated it it was amazing Mar 11, When his brother Jeetu arrives unexpectedly, he is taken away as the donor.

Manjula Padmanabhan is a playwright, novelist, journalist, comic strip artist, and children’s book author. Anushree Thareja rated it really liked it Oct 24, Leah rated it really liked it Jun 17, Manjula Padmanabhan’s ‘Harvest’ The award-winning play is a satire on post-satellite society. Om Prakash, who has made the Faustian deal, his mother Mrs Praycash as the Americans call herhis wife and brother.


Personally I liked this play as the dramatist is not trying hard to make it seem real to the audience.

Character Analyses

Even when the guards drag Jeetu away mistakenly for his organs, she is interested only in watching T. Jaya comes to know that she has been the ,anjula target of the organ buyer, Virgil, and that after using the bodies of both Om and Jeeten, he is now intent on impregnating her with his seed mechanically to propagate his race, irrespective of her wishes. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The other main character is the module in the room which seems to have materialised from some futuristic thriller; Ginni geniethe American lady, appears on it now and then like some Big Sister to see whether the Prakash family is padmanwbhan the rules.