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In postala sem presej obsedena s kavliteto fotografij, ne le kvaliteto receptov, in zato je trajalo tako dolgo do nove objave.

And now, besides the dark days, there is also my job in full swing right now. This year a bit later then past vegetarijanski recepti, but just as good and successful.

This cake is super good! Tokrat brez mentola, ker ne mara okusa.

My body is changing on the vegtearijanski and the outside. And it is not over jet. For which I wanted to thank you, my lovely readers!

Ali si tu le za recept? How much this furry little creatures grow on you! Fotografirala vgetarijanski vse, kar vegetsrijanski jedli, ampak je bila v restavracijah tako vegetariuanski razsvetljava, da so fotografije bolj slabe. I have been vegan for almost 5 months now, and I feel great. When I was browsing through internet I came across this recipe. What about your country? So I wish you all some cake eating!



I made the cake for my dear friend J. Vsake toliko pride dan, ko sem zelo lena. Definitivno bom poskusila vegetarimanski potem objavim rezultate. Only recipes, photographs and advice. So vegetarijanski recepti on to learn more about it and of vegetarijanski recepti to get the recipe. I have been cooking this dish for quite some time, even before I stopped eating meat.

They say it is vwgetarijanski to snow on Friday. To je blog o hrani. For the last few days I was busy with work and garden. Sam okus pa je presenetljiv, zaradi uporabe medu. This is a blog about food. Ah well, lets just make pasta.

Close cookie popup This website uses cookies: This year a bit later then past years, but just as good and successful. Moje darilo zanjo je bila torta.

I like this changing! They put cheese on everything!

Mirisna teka – Veganski i vegetarijanski recepti za svaki dan

My plan was to be vegan at home, and vegetarian when invited somewhere. Ja, letos ga bom delila s tabo. So this cake was made with the same recipe, only the chocolate is normal cooking chocolate. What to cook, what to eat, how to make a photography? Have you watched the OI for the past two weeks? What to do when you run out of breakfast ideas? I love it, even if I have little time to relax, I make the most of it.


My first submission to FoodGawker was approved and then two to Dessertstalking and one to Photograzing. Sam okus pa je presenetljiv, zaradi uporabe medu. I am stuck in a unproductive zone right now.

Spodnji recept je vegetarijanska verzija, ampak bi se z nekaj spremembami dalo narediti tudi vegansko. It is something I have a really hard vegetarijanski recepti fighting.

It is so dark outside, it is nearly impossible to make good pictures. It is called a vegan egg scramble, but this is way healthier and tastier. I loved to watch movies with real housewives — the ones that cook for the family and friends. Do you think I did a good job? It is something I have a really hard time fighting.

But when I was making a Czech dinner I wanted to make home made bread, so I could show my family the whole Czech experience. I baked this cake two days ago, vegetarijanski recepti knowing that such a great holiday is coming.

It is called a vegan egg scramble, but this is way healthier and tastier. I need to organize my working day and make time to just relax. Oh, how I loathe winter.